Talos Holdings LLC, founded in 1989 by John K. McWilliams, Jr. is engaged in the development ownership and operation of multifamily properties in the Southern United States. Talos Holdings LLC, an Arizona limited liability company with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Dallas, Texas. Talos Holdings is an experienced apartment acquisition development firm that specializes in the acquisition, rehabilitation, and development of multifamily properties. Executive leadership of Talos Holdings provides a clear direction and commitment to quality investments and management services and instills a local entrepreneurial freedom needed to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. Talos Holdings LLC proven performance and added financial strength with its joint venture partners culminates in a single strategic direction of building quality investments for our partners and quality residential communities for our customers. Talos investment strategy is to outperform the marketplace yield requirements on a risk adjusted basis.

Talos Holdings was formed with the objective to raise capital, acquire and develope multifamily properties in high barrier-to-entry markets, and make use of expert operators to achieve above market returns. Over the years we have succeeded in our goals and have earned a reputation as a company that can identify rich opportunities, structure successful investment strategies, and employ best-in-class operations to enhance value.
Company History